Certified Emergency Department Executive (CEDE) Certification

Why Become Certified?

Certification is professionalism, defined. 
Certification opens new doors and leads to previously unknown opportunities. Those four letters make a powerful statement about your expertise.

 Becoming CEDE certified will:
• Increase your credibility as an Emergency Department (ED) leader
• Create more opportunities for professional advancement
• Prove your willingness to invest in your knowledge of ED administration
• Demonstrate your leadership training
• Build others’ confidence in your knowledge of our profession
• Join an elite group of international leaders who are working toward ED excellence



How to Become Certified  

Step 1
Certification begins with completion of the Leadership Essentials Course, including attendance requirements.

Step 2
Complete the written CEDE Qualification Exam with a 75% or higher score at the end of the Leadership Essentials Course. Those have taken the Leadership Essentials course but have not passed the CEDE Qualification Exam may take the exam in a future year for an additional fee. 

Step 3
Within 3 years of passing the CEDE Qualification Exam, complete the CEDE Certification Course. This course consists of a series of interactive case-based seminars as well as the presentation of a group project. Upon completion of the CEDE Certification Course, you will receive a certificate and a CEDE lapel pin and be recognized as a Certified Emergency Department Executive for a period of 5 years. 

Step 4
To maintain certification, CEDE professionals must complete a total of 30 hours of Management Education Units (MEUs) within 5 years after becoming certified. MEUs can be earned in 5 categories of educational endeavors and leadership activities. 


I took the Leadership Essentials Course before 2013 and have not taken the CEDE Qualification Exam. How do I become certified?
If you have taken the Leadership Essentials Course but have not yet taken the CEDE Qualification Exam, you can register for the CEDE Certification Course. However, you must register for and pass the CEDE Qualification Exam on the evening before the course begins. 

Once I become certified, will I be certified for life?
No, you must renew your certification every 5 years. 

How do I study for the CEDE Qualification Exam?
The CEDE Qualification Exam is based on the content from the Leadership Essentials Course, which is provided to students upon completing the course. If you took the course prior to 2013, you may request updated materials after registering for the exam. 

I have already taken the ED Leadership Essentials Course and the Advanced Course. Am I certified?
No, you must also complete the CEDE Exam and CEDE Certification Course.  


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